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South Dorset Maiden Div.1. Race 19/02/2012

Our ref: 28/8693

Left to right:

Cost A Fortune, Brahmagiri (winner), Earth Beat.

The following point to point meetings from around the south west in 2015-16 are available to view and order. The viewing quality is purposely low but orders will be printed at a higher quality.

November 2015 to June 2016 season links
Black Forest Club North Cornwall Club North Cornwall
Silverton Tiverton Fox Western
Mid Devon Lamerton East Cornwall
Spooners West & Dartmoor Dartmoor Four Burrow
Axe Vale Modbury Devon & Somerset
Stevenstone MineheadHarriers WestSomerset FourBurrow2ndMeeting
Dulverton West Eggesford Exmoor
South Tetcott Tiverton Stagg Torrington Farmers

Your photographer Marcus Bath will be photographing the 2016-2017 season but the photographs will not be available online

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