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Black Forest Club 27/11/2016

Our ref: 58/8815

We are off for another season, see you on the courses where I hope to see my old freinds.

The following point to point meetings from around the south west in 2015-16 are available to view and order. The viewing quality is purposely low but orders will be printed at a higher quality. Please note this site is not going to remain on the web.

November 2015 to June 2016 season links
Black Forest Club North Cornwall Club North Cornwall
Silverton Tiverton Fox Western
Mid Devon Lamerton East Cornwall
Spooners West & Dartmoor Dartmoor Four Burrow
Axe Vale Modbury Devon & Somerset
Stevenstone MineheadHarriers WestSomerset FourBurrow2ndMeeting
Dulverton West Eggesford Exmoor
South Tetcott Tiverton Stagg Torrington Farmers

Your photographer Marcus Bath will be photographing the 2016-2017 season but the photographs will not be available online

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